Here are some extra resources that Dr T had curated from her vast experience,

as a corporate trainer and transformative coach, that can boost you in your journey



Embrace Imperfection

We each have our strengths and weaknesses that make us a unique combination.

4 Ways to Build Kindness into Your Life

Kindness means accepting yourself as you are.

7 Steps for Self-Assessment

Self-assessments for personal growth is proving to be successful in its outcomes.

What Is an Authentic Life?

Four Steps to Living Authentically.

Grow Self-Awareness

Amazing thing starts to happen when you truly desire self-awareness ✨.

Spending Time with

Positive People

Lean on these people that cheer you on in your life's challenges. 

Backfill Your Life with Positivity

Adding little things to your life that bring you joy and appreciating what is already there.

Listen to Your Inner Wisdom

“Tune in” to this wisdom that speaks more softly than the technology buzzing all around us.

Get Creative

Building your self-worth by discovering your inner creative.

Practice Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness builds contentment and self-confidence.

Practice Kindness

Being kind to yourself and others is a key element of living a happier life.

Change Your Self-Talk and That Would Change Your Mindset

You can reprogram your mindset and take back the control so it’s working for you, not against you.

Take Charge of Your Life Now!

And Give Yourself What You Truly Deserve

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