What Is an Authentic Life?


Arguably the hallmark of authenticity is living with ease – you feel content and empowered. You know your true self in all its strengths and weaknesses, and you love yourself just the way you are.

Authenticity is grounded in:
🦋 You gaining a deep self-knowledge.
🦋 Making conscious decisions about what is meaningful for you and what your beliefs and values are.
🦋 Using your beliefs and values to move and act in the world.

Deciding to live a more authentic life means making a conscious decision to detach yourself from all the expectations of 21st-century living. It means letting go of perfectionism, being honest about what’s important to you and recognizing that living an authentic life is an ongoing process, not an end goal.

These days so many of us find ourselves living a life of self-doubt, feeling undeserving or incapable, or wishing we were walking another path. If your answer is YES, then it is time to conduct self-assessment in the journey of finding your true self.

Four Steps to Living Authentically
🌹 Define your beliefs and values. You can’t live an authentic life if you don’t know what you stand for and what your beliefs are.
🌹 Be aware of how you react to different situations and people. Investigate that – why do you think that happens?
🌹 Dedicate yourself to authenticity. It’s not always easy to stand in your truth and feel confident that you are good enough, but it’s worth the effort to develop attention towards your triggers. It’s okay if you have to catch yourself starting to put on your “I’m perfect” mask. Notice that urge and then remind yourself that you are enough, just as you are.
🌹 Trust your intuition. When we are living authentically, we feel in sync with our surroundings and with ourselves. If your intuition is telling you something is off, then it is. When this happens, dial in to see what’s going on.

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