Change Your Self-Talk and that would change your Mindset


Conditioning over the years may contribute to have negative mindset programmed into your brain, but it hasn’t been hard-wired. You can reprogram it take back the control so it’s working for you, not against you. 

A key tool for reprogramming is the part of your brain is the Reticular Activating System (RAS). RAS is a bundle of neurons located deep in the brain. It acts as a filter or portal, very like an email app that sorts the incoming stimuli and prioritizes what’s important. And just as you can set your preferences for email sorting, you can set and reset your RAS to positive. Just as the RAS resets itself whenever you’re thinking about something important to you (that new car or holiday) you can set it consciously to notice what you want it to notice, and that’s a powerful tool to have on your side.

You can use your RAS to get what you want. Once you know how it works you can stack your RAS to filter positivity. RAS is your magic wand in disarming your Inner Critic. Your Inner Critic is always there. While this little voice in your head can be helpful to keep you safe, it can also lower your self-esteem by replaying untrue messages from long ago.

You can choose to turn this around – try these three techniques to halt your Inner Critic in its tracks and reset your RAS from negative to positive.

Techniques To Reset Your RAS
🦋 Notice your self-talk – When you make a small mistake, do you hear your Self Critic telling you how stupid or worthless you are? Start paying attention to your self-talk. The first step must always be recognizing the issue.
🦋 Demand evidence –Refuse to believe negative traits or weaknesses until you can see them in action for yourself.
🦋 Change the record – Once you’ve become aware of what your Inner Critic most often says and have discovered where it comes from you can begin to filter it out and change the record! When you make a mistake, or you run into whatever triggers the negative self-talk, catch yourself and reverse that self-talk.

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